1.  Market Fragility and the Paradox of the Recent Stock-Bond Dissonance (2018) - Economics Letters 

with Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg) and Fabienne Weber (U Luxembourg) 

2. Fiscal Decentralization, Preference for Government Innovation and City Innovation: Evidence from China (2020) - Chinese Management Studies 

with Zheng Li and Siying Yang (Jilin U)

3. The Long Shadows of War in China: Battle Shocks in Early Life and Health/Wealth Accumulation (2020) - China Economic Review 

with Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg)

4. Urban Innovation and Inter-City Patent Collaboration: A Network Analysis of China's National Innovation System (2020) - Technological Forecasting & Social Change 

with Li Yao (ZJGSU) and Jun Li (U of Essex)

5. The Role of Labor-Income Risk in Household Risk-Taking (2020)  - European Economic Review 

with Sylwia Hubar and Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg)

6. Promoting Financial Literacy through a Digital Platform: A Pilot Study in Luxembourg (2021) - International Journal of Finance & Economics

with Alexis Meyer-Cirkel (IMF)

7. 高铁开通、方言多样性与城市创新 (2021)  - 制度经济学研究 

with Siying Yang (Jilin U) and Guangzhao Sun (JXUFE)

8. Financial Risk-Taking, Religiosity and Denomination Heterogeneity (2022)  - Journal of Empirical Finance

9. The Influence of High-speed Rails on Urban Innovation and the Underlying Mechanism (2022)  - PLoS ONE

with Yue Lu (Jilin U) and Siying Yang (Jilin U)

Working Papers

Demographics and FDI: Lessons from China's One-Child Policy (Newly revised 2023/05, NBER Working Paper No. 24256) - Revised & Resubmitted to Macroeconomic Dynamics

 with John Donaldson (Columbia), Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg) and Rajnish Mehra (ASU)

Completing the Market: Generating Shadow CDS Spreads by Machine Learning (2022, IMF Working Paper No. 19/292)  

with Nan Hu (Goethe U Frankfurt & Hong Kong Monetary Authority) and  Alexis Meyer-Cirkel (IMF)

Evaluating How Child Allowances and Daycare Subsidies Affect Fertility (2023)  - Newly revised 2023/06

with Joshua R. Goldstein (UC Berkeley), Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg), and Carsten Schroeder (DIW and Free U Berlin)

Working in Progress

Investment and Asset Prices Under Rational Learning About Rare Events (in progress)

with Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg)

Financial Stabilities in Economies with Jump Shocks (in progress) 

with Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg) and Fabienne Weber (U Luxembourg)

Loans and Screening: the Role of Social Proximity (in progress)

with Christos Koulovatianos (U Luxembourg) and Dimitris Mavridis (European Commission)

Research Funding

Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation (ZJ-NSF) - Youth Project (2020 - 2022, LQ20G030006)

China Scholarship Council  (CSC) - Funding Scheme for Visiting Scholar (2023, Department of Finance, University of Luxembourg)